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Acquire The Skills, Techniques, Tactics And The Knowledge You and Your Team Needs To Generate More Leads, Book More Appointments, Close More Deals, And Explode The Profits Of Your Dealership!

Learn How To Get 30% More Sales in 30 Days For Your Dealership By Doing THIS ONE THING in Your Marketing Before You Talk About Your Manufacturer's Rebates!

Master Class Description:


If you want to IMMEDIATELY INCREASE YOUR SALES from customers outside of your database, and know precisely how to generate leads from vehicle shoppers who might have never considered your dealership without having to spend thousands of dollars in hit-and-miss digital marketing strategies, and without having to spend hours trying to figure out how to use all the tools necessary to acquire new customers online, then you need to attend this breakthrough webinar event!


How To Build Your Online Brand and Digital Empire So You Can SELL MORE CARS And NEVER Have To Cold Call or Wait For Lot "Ups" Ever Again!


Training Description:


Learn how you can DOUBLE your leads and TRIPLE your conversations with serious buying prospects by producing content instead of cold calling or spending money on ads.


  • Why your Website is quickly becoming a DEAD WRONG STRATEGY...and what to do instead.


  • Why you should target people who are NOT in the market to buy a vehicle if you want to GROW YOUR SALES.

  • The one thing you should NEVER do when trying to grow your brand and sell more cars through social media ...even though most people "swear by it".


Learn How To Sell An Extra 20-30 Vehicles Each Month To Conquest Customers Without Spending A Penny On Useless Advertising!

Free Training Description:


Learn the 3 Fatal Mistakes most of your competitors are doing when trying to sell cars to people outside of their database and how to avoid them to sell more cars to conquest vehicle shoppers!


Discover why you shouldn't be thinking of conquesting as an event and how to turn your conquest efforts into an ongoing process.  You will also learn how to make prospects believe it was their idea to choose your dealership to buy their next vehicle and how to position your store as the trade-in mogul in your primary market area.


Training Description:




Are you using all the tools, scripts, social media images, Facebook posts and ads, YouTube videos, blogs, and all the available content to maximize the results of your event?


Use this training to help you review all the components of your marketing campaign to create the maximum impact in the marketplace.


Training Description:




Learn the follow-up skills and best practices to turn your leads into appointments at the dealership and deals burning gas when running a digital conquest event.


Perfect for your pre-event sales meeting. 

Includes downloadable phone scripts


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